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As DJT would likely put it, these poems are “tremendously bigly in a tremendously bigly way.”



Where dwell our glorious martyrs of the afterlife, what form? Are

Virgins manifested by a beatific presence or alarm?  Some million


Such? Of beauty sui generis or  even singular as Hebraic heiress? to

Grace all cherished chiefly rarest? A riddle of the Mariana trench,


Some wealth of soul or brute or ghoul (just taste these lips or such:

Is much!). What greets a courage severed Western throat, or spoil


Of peevish heroic groat (cleaved or fevered; stubborn, wayward,

Wrenched or savored!).  The image chases all reluctance.  Such


Aspect phrases dark domain, a reach for light, unwieldy flight, all

Succored fright, the pit of night, from tentacle to toothy sprite, all


Need, ingestion. Aesthetics of the suicidal vest, seared infant, troll.

And weeps to retrain all bliss with cancroid bitch, mute witch, extoll.



This creature buddied up to kindred spirits in the Trench? Bold

Kin of sorts, in hassle with the Courts but nominee of grizzled


Shirts, who’d lay all blame on “What’s his Name?” that milder id

That racial paradox who blatant looks too human to be common.


“LET’S MAKE A DEAL!” the angered squeal—they like the feel!

A wraith which satan saith is fit for furtive flounder; flirt but prone


To wrath at such had wronged, had stronged him. Papal-chasten?

Sect or solemn, blessed, tested, Trump or triad—Father, Son and


Wholly choked, caveat to holy Ghost—and then rhetorical extreme,

Routine, too crude for vast attainment:Just AS I AM”Odd


Godly inane the mane his manicurist?—grips such as the purist?

The bawdly goat, a massive jagged midge from grudge to grope!



This fearsome docile creature spends her path in current Hell as

Sopsort athwart diaphony, translucent, pliant to the will of elder


Statesman, and yet forthright adrift, adorning cosmic night even

To her innards all the palp that sucks in strength, a blob a clot a


Soul at length, with no cessation from the naked plight—to be is

To be seen, ingest? Surreal between an orifice of splendor, none


To defend her, exuding excreta, a pulse of eat, bright spasm in a

Void of hope, to wield to grope. Attenuated limbs could levy an


Id of motion or simply startle.  Is plainest breath this living death

Is mutest spasm. World’s udder shudders; she stations at despair,


A microcosm in the willful lack of lick or fret or flick—no edge

Endures mysterious reproduction; mantic cycle? All juice’d idle!



An id this ugly rules half the world’s Great Power?  And though

The grip is stubborn, fierce, it lasts but half an hour? Yea while a


Whiff can curdle blood, can fumigate a prayer [the intent is such:

To blast a heart, to rot its veins, and reason, ethics, diddle brains],


This febrile Reince shares Death’s quiver, quince: its jagged open

Bite, its pinch; his grip’s assigned to pus and stink, a microsecond’s


Jaded wink, lick of ordure, AR-15, all praise to lustful triggered

Spleen, all quantum riddled, huddled, weak, unclean.  Has LIPS


Has clips has NRA, has enterprise, has trigger, fang, has HABIT

Godly quaint, an oddless skew, an innocence of gullet, asp to mullet,


Gasp to spew.  Satan Himself to fry it up? Ask Trump or Isis, ask

Medusa; ask boisterous tune, ask rasp or ruin, Philip’s SOUSA.



What matter the gender? This IT is primal id, a messy table mate,

More wired to savage Essen than confessing. O. Wilde would be


Nonplussed.  And where the dentures? Bespeak adventures, one

Hardy quest or inquest margin of digestion.  The host? Who let


[I cannot quit, forget who scanned my invitations] THIS PEST

IN? But HERE’S the Future, wedded to a beast? And seized by


Sutures?  Even diminutive white angel angled at forehead crease

Completes the picture. Ach Gott der Adolf resurrects. Or serves


For sex. In darkest pit odd morphs to mute recessive & coming

Führer bites to back the ticket. Snort deep to probe the thicket!


You yearn to turn back isis? Promote a tactic, crisis?  Gorge Eve

With Adam, STIFF mankind? A first impression’s often blind.



“How sweet these imperial mullets, content alone with adoration,

Now advanced to magister and sovereign to the Cosmos, envy


Of all poor in hearts from anguish exact or whence it starts, an

Ambience so cuddly, preordained, the lithesome chin or comely


Mane oft not visible but always sensed: wisdom mercy, recompense,

Shudder of Invictus, seed of glory, what seldom creeps into the


Story, a passion faceless as the ample glow from vaunted mother,

A God that served her, shed its seed, pulsed its prouder, whelped


A breed as dauntless as the fabled wires on bearded Jove, one

Radiance that seldom clove to lesser Gods, a tabernacle, feast,


All leftist notions void, deceased.” Prost Trump or Pence?  Pomp

Gropes disease.  Your sad man’s hope?  An ancient squeeze!



How fares He now?  This fraud?  This mire? How fares His fabled

Heavenly choir? All cant un-can’t? Or Fact regret? The simple: YET?


All anger ducked? All manger plucked? All rage in place? Check

Out His Face! We’ve bought the image? Or try to manage. In God


We Trust? Or game the scrimmage. Flamboyance rules? From Poor

In Hearts to Charter schools? Who defecates his countenanced stools?


ALL Trump has Trumped the intellectual? The blessed Meek the

Godless-sexual? The Muslim stench all grimy wrench? The minor


Miner in his trench. The factory stiff or soda jerk all labor’s savior:

Promise, WORK? “Ach, it shall come!” Messiah stated. FOR even


JAHWEH celebrated, let not a tear fall on his speech OR millions

Gathered to beseech each gesture phrase, the COUNTLESS dazed!                                                                                                       


A smaller half drives Donald at all hours. If given code designs

Yet Putin glowers. A smiley Goebbels at his Maker? If dead not


Merely mute; few could mistake or? The FBCIA, emboldened

Golden shower? Minuscule fraction of eternal bite & even yet


Diurnal fright. Amorphous is the lot, a succubus, a spot a clot?

Ach ja, for Bannon fires his Canon, ignores a Democratic tic, all


Screed or odd infusion. Temporal this Lucifer, all given bruise,

Contusion. We’re headed dreaded, Lenin-venom, inverted Marx.


Chaos prevails from paper trails to cloud’s persistence. A Steve

Entails seraphic churning, incessant lick of Biggest Brother. Or


Hope’s redundant. Grotesque’s a quest; all ethic’s stressed.  Just

 Laud the legion’s chest and dark urea. Sieg’s heil & culpa’s mea.



Some 20,000 cookie-cutter vamps at His command, Trump seeks

The ultimate sinner-spinner, unquenchable wench unmentionable


Aber-odor: “Ach ja but trust his heart!” Obliquely massive, verity

Impassive; Dummy-struck; presumptive Shrike; a BENT severity;


One cuddly Id from pin to pun, all get begot, the lost to # One?

In even Jesu’s eyes? a smile her style, no platitude, no stigmatize,


All ode a Bannon-canon, a shirk a perk, repeat reseat, His abscess,

Tweet, with scent of primal Eve, effete, before to straddled apple.


But snare makes ample? A jeweler’s fenced!  A broker’s spoken!

Small matter odd’s uncertain, from surly, mad to blatant, glad or


Listener’s Volk or media’s yolk; or Himmler’s brain: is smoking?

The tripe’s too ripe; the sequent smelly? They’d Botox Botticelli.



Flynn flees we’re left with whom?  With Spicer re deicer, gelded

Groom?  Which governs such chaotic motion, incompetence or


Grand demotion, flailing seldom seen or heard, State of Libertad

Interred, from Pence to common herd or griever to absurd, a Miller’s


Matter, 10 million bused from stoat to joke to amplify the popular

Vote. Our ultimatum: governance, testosterone, all maybe-macho,


Groper-reaper, Conway-creeper, mane-mainliner. Who’s in charge?

The core, the base? Who seeds the pace? Or saves our face? Or


Governs massive hapless case? All federal distaste? Our snip and

Paste? Trump’s taste? Steve’s haste? They’d have us even chaste?


Wisdom waivered, spirit savored, treacle flavored, bordered, courted?

Or say it’s over 20 billion? Just read our facts. ‘D stiff a load of rats?



O-Donald T is safely in His Tower. The Masses’d Lock Him up?

For scandal’s bloomed full flower? Some clamor for a mug shot,


Some genitalia in Hand. The total proceeds just as a prescience

May have scanned? They’ve absolutely found Him out; ‘tis judge


Beyond all doubt.  Can mane be chipped? His tax forms shipped? In

Venerable bulk, the audit clipped? The FBCIA all hell have sway?


 Meander Friend or trender? A massive orange Saint’s defeat? Salacious

Russians’ TREAT in totem? Fearful modem? Broad discussion?


Coveted faux election? A pall descends on Statute, notion? Avid

Eisenhower Reagan Nixon? The jury’s drawn with scant diversion?


Might simply miss the utter person, penchants, captive-version?

Grope-hope intrusions? Broad God his fabled stable FUSIONS.


David Swartz [D.A. Vid] born in 1939, lives in New York. “David Swartz is a poet who shouts into the Void but who is heard perhaps only by God…” (E. Sokolovsky. “The Great Poet”. “Slovo\Word” #91).

Apropos: “Slovo\Word” considers poetic creations from the point of literary advantage - only.





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